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The investment methodology of Linus Capital fits the personality of its founder. The passion for investing of its founder is reflected in its portfolio: a mix of operating businesses and real-estate investments in USA and India. Diversification of our investments with a mix of operating businesses and real-estate, focus in India and USA presents us multiple investment opportunities and take advantage of market cycles in both countries

Linus Capital had brought Private Equity type value creation methodologies to its real-estate investments in India in Yr.2005. Linus Capital made the first investment in a social networking platform in India in Yr. 2006, much before the world had realized India's internet potential

Linus Capital believes it has to bring something unique to the table other than capital. In addition to financial engineering, we time our investments to take advantage of business cycles, develop new corporate strategies, pursue mergers and divestitures and relentlessly fine tune operations of invested businesses

Linus Capital radically transforms invested businesses by expanding product/service lines; overhaul of underperforming business units and reshape businesses that create lasting improvements while generating incremental cash-flows

When there are thousands of sources of pure capital, we understand we have to offer something extra to our investments. The firm has seeded new investments, partnered with local governments and doubled down investments with primary focus of maximizing potential of our portfolio companies

Since 2004, our real-estate investments have produced an average return of 62% across both USA and India. Our great successes also include exiting investments with 7 times invested capital and the value of another investment multiplied by 10 times since initial investment made once we applied our private equity value creation model

Richland made investments in Residential, Commercial, Infrastructure and Land banks in Austin, Dallas, Las Vegas, Phoenix, West Palm Beach, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Warangal Linus Capital iNDIA | usa
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Linus Capital primarily focuses on Tech, Finance and Consumer goods markets with a preference for controlling stakes

02.  EMERGING markets

Linus Capital has made multiple investments in India and plan to invest in other emerging markets

03.  teCH equity

Seeking investment opportunities in mature sectors of tech industry. Retool and get them on accelerated growth path


Richland made investments in Residential, Commercial, Infrastructure and Land banks in USA and India

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Sixty percent of our investments deviate from the pRIVATE EQUITY paradigm

A maverick investor with 17 years of investing and operating experience. Led investments in 15 deals, advised multiple Private Equity funds, served as a board member and a CEO

Sunny Burra Managing Director | Linus Capital

A business grad, Nithya provides operational support to portfolio companies and handles fund administration

Ms. Nithya Associate | Linus Capital
We are proud of your social investment in Linus Infotech. Even local guys couldn't make such a large investment to create jobs in an under developed area of the state Shri Kadiam Srihari Deputy Chief Minister, State of Telangana, India
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Some of
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portfolio companies

Pazant Tech & IT

Pazant is a platform investment in Business Process Management (BPM) space in partnership with the Government of India

House Money FinTech

We seeded House Money an online platform in FinTech space -- first of it's kind in India

Richland Real Estate

Richland is the real-estate arm of Linus Capital with real-estate and infrastructure investments in both USA & India

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October 2016, Dallas: Richland exits its Dallas investment at six times invested capital. This was Richland's first real-estate investment in the U.S made in Yr. 2003. Outstanding returns are generated by: timing the investment; great purchase price; attractive debt terms; property improvements; timely exit; and a bit of luck in the form of shale gas discovered under the property.
May 2016, Monte Carlo, France: Sunny Burra, Managing Director of Linus Capital is invited to speak at Capital Creation 2016 in Monte Carlo to speak along with top honcho's from Blackstone, Bain Capital, Hamilton Lane and KKR
Feb 2016, Las Vegas, NV: Richland exits its real-estate investment in Las Vegas. The property has been an income generating property since it was acquired in May 2004. The investment close to the strip has weathered meltdown of Las Vegas property market and has generated income through great recession
SEP 2015, Warangal, India: Linus Capital forms Pazant carving out operations of its BPO investment in Telangana. Richland will own and manage the infrastructure of the IT campus
March 24, Hyderabad India: Richland takes possession of an apartment complex that it has developed in the heart of Hyderabad, India. The property was developed in a joint venture with a leading local developer
June 2013, Warangal, India: Richland completes construction of its IT/BPO campus in Warangal. The investment is a joint-venture with the Government of India. It’s the largest BPO investment in the state of Telangana, outside Hyderabad
July 2012, West Palm Beach, Florida: Richland exits its real-estate investment in West Palm Beach, Florida. The income generating property was acquired in June 2006
Oct 2011, Bangalore, India: Richland takes possession of its real-estate investment in Bangalore, next to Intel campus. The property is in the same community as RMZ Ecoworld on Sarjapur Outer Ring Road, Bellandur, Bangalore
April 2010, Hyderabad, India: Sixer, a portfolio company of Linus Capital is awarded 9 trademarks for the name “Sixer”. Linus Capital intend to grow Sixer into a leading consumer brand in India in partnership with leading local FMCGs
Aug 2009, Hyderabad, India: Richland closes on a transaction to acquire sixer acres of land in the outskirts of Hyderabad. The land is adjacent to one of the largest reservoirs in the state
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