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Linus Capital is a boutique cross-border private equity group with investments in the U.S. and India. Linus takes uncoventional and creative approach to investing and structuring deals. Linus takes hands-on approach to growing its portfolio companies. This strategy helped Linus investments survive and grow during the global meltdown of Yrs. 2008 & 2009.

Linus Capital controls around one-billion rupees in assets. The fund invests in leveraged buyouts, joint ventures, equity, debt and real estate. Linus Capital concentrates on the Internet, Technology, Financial Services, Consumer goods, Infrastructure and Real Estate.

Linus Capital
has controlling stake in platform investments in Internet and Technology, Infrastructure and real estate investments. Linus Capital has offices in the U.S and India.

Linus Capital’s cross-border invesment focus
Linus Capital
focuses on investment
Linus Capital invests in early-stage companies
Linus Land is a real estate arm with focus
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