Our appetite for risk, finding niches, doing non-traditional deals are part of our ethos

Linus Capital believes it has to bring something unique to the table other than pure capital. We are not afraid to go against the grain and patiently wait for our investment strategy to play out. Dotcom bubble taught us the importance of timing our investments, great recession tested our investment strategies, and emerging markets enabled us to ride their growth waves.

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We do the stuff that’s hard.

Linus capital enjoys the distinction among small handful of its peers, India focused PE firms, to invest in all four sectors (Technology, Internet, Infrastructure and Real-estate) for more than a decade.

We experiment with next generation investment strategies.
Linus Capital’s innovative IOS (Investments Operating System) guides our investment strategy. For more than a decade IOS played an instrumental role to achieve superior returns consistently across a spectrum of investments, industries and geographies.
In a world where battles are increasingly being waged not for control of markets or raw materials but for the rights to new ideas and innovations the management of intellectual assets is one of our core competencies.
We regularly evaluate full potential of each of our investments. Linus IOS (Investments Operating System) guides as a road map to get to full-potential by accelerating financial engineering, operational engineering and corporate governance.
Investing Themes
Alternative Investments

None of our deals fit simple LBO investment model. We seek out investments in special opportunities to diversify our investment mix.

Tech Equity

Our technology investments are in Fintech, Proptech and financial services space. We are seeking investments in technologies of tomorrow.

Emerging Markets

Linus Capital has made tens of investments in India and is seeking investment opportunities in other emerging markets.

Real Estate

Realto is the real-estate investment vehicle of Linus Capital. Realto made more than dozen investments in USA and India.

Investments & Exits

We have been operating as a boutique with proprietary funds for more than a decade. With an immediate goal to change ourselves into an institution, we will be raising new funds from outside investors. Our alternative investment strategy is to go beyond private equity. We continue to scout for transactions at unlikely places and figure out how to make them substantially better through radical changes.

Our new initiatives (Moonshot Equity and Realto flagship fund) will propel us into next league of investment firms while enabling us to continue our impeccable returns into the next decade. With a focus to involve in businesses outside private equity we formed a small team to manage our digital investments and made additional investment in natural resources.

01. Investment Strategy Moonshot Equity is our new investment vehicle to focus on innovative busienss modles and technologies of tomorrow.
02. Investments Our fresh investments are, a one of kind proptech investment platform, and a growth equity platform for startups.
01. Investment Strategy Realto Capital is the investment vehicle with real-estate and infrastructure investments in both USA & India. RIO (Realto India Opportunity) is going to be its first flagship fund.
02. Investments Realto Capital has made investments in Austin, Dallas, Phoenix, West Palm Beach in USA. Our India investments in Bangalore, Goa, Hyderabad and Warangal includes infrastructure & natural resources.
June 2016 Realto exits Dallas investment at 6x of invested capital. Holding period: 13 years
March 2016 Realto sells its Las Vegas investment holding through great recession. Holding period: 11 years
June 2012 Realto sells its investment in West Palm Beach after it recoups its investment. Holding period: 6 years
March 2007 Realto sells its land investment in Hyderabad at 9x of invested capital. Holding period: 4 1/2 years
September 2006 Realto exits a lease purchase in Austin with an ROIC of 50%. Holding period: 15 months
April 2005 Realto flips its investment in Pheonix with a return of 3x invested capital. Holding period: 30 days


Proprietary Funds(%)


Sunccessful Exits


Companies Seeded


Sunny Burra

A maverick investor with 20 years of investing and operating experience. Sunny has been investing in Private Equity, Technology, Emerging markets and Real Estate for last 12 years. Sunny has knack for picking the right assets to invest time and again. Sunny helped shepherd Linus Capital to generate an IRR of 36% since inception.

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Our Journey

Linus Capital stocked up on Deutsche Bank, Key Energy Services and Wipro Technologies by adding to its position in these three stocks.

San Francisco

Aug 2019

Bloomberg Invest Summit 2019, Linus Capital doubles its commitment to impact investing and plan to add to its existing platform investment in financial services.

New York

June 2019

Fintegrate Zone 2019, India’s largest FinTech conclave, hosts Linus Capital. Linus deal team evaluated multiple new crop of Fintech startups @ Investor Zone.

Mumbai, India

Feb 2019

Realto seeds RIO(Realto India Opportunity) fund with a hospitality investment. The first tranche of investment is complete before marketing the investment vehicle.

Goa, India

Nov 2018

Linus Capital has set a $75 million target for RIO (Realto India Opportuntiy) fund. The investment vehicle will seek out value-added and opportunistic investments.

New York, USA

Aug 2018

Honorable IT minister Shri Rohan Khaunte and V.P. Dangui, Director of Industries & Trade hosts Sunny Burra and shares investment opportunities in Goa.

Goa, India

Jan 2018

Sunny Burra invited to Global Financial Forum and is hosted by Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the financial hub for the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.


Nov 2017

Realto exits Dallas investment at 6x invested capital. The property close to DFW Airport and Grapevine mills mall was acquired in the Yr.2003.


October 2016

Capital Creation invites Sunny Burra | Linus Capital to speak along with top honcho's from Blackstone, Bain Capital, Hamilton Lane and KKR.

Monte Carlo, France

May 2016

Realto exits Las Vegas investment. The property acquired in yr. 2004 has been generating income since yr.2004, even during & after the financial crisis of 2008.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Nov 2015

Realto takes possession of an apartment complex in Hyderabad, India. The property was developed in a joint venture with a leading developer.

Hyderabad, India

March 2015

Mr. Sunny Burra meets deputy Chief Minister Dr. Thatikonda Rajaiah and discusses his new investment plans in the state of Telangana.

Hyderabad, India

Oct 2014

Realto completes construction of its IT/BPO campus in Warangal. It’s the largest IT related investment in the state of Telangana, outside Hyderabad.

Warangal, India

June 2013

Realto exits its real-estate investment in West Palm Beach, Florida. The income generating property was acquired in June 2006.

West Palm Beach, Florida

July 2012

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