Sunny Burra

A technology executive turned investor with 20+ years of experience. Sunny has been investing in Technology, Emerging Markets, Real Estate, and Special Opportunities for over a decade.
Sunny helped shepherd Linus Capital to generate an IRR of 36% since inception by taking an entrepreneurial approach to invest. Sunny has a knack for picking the right assets to invest time and again. Sunny is not afraid to go against the grain and patiently wait for his investment strategy to play out. Sunny was able to exit multiple investments at 6x, 9x, 11x and foster one of his investments to a valuation multiple of 400x with his foresight to uncover and capitalize on overlooked gems.

Sunny heads investment vehicles Moonshot Equity and Realto Capital. Sunny served as an executive partner at private equity firms GI Partners and Rigel Associates. Sunny also had operating roles at Sprint, VitalLink, Canon, and Savvis where he was part of the management team during IPO. Sunny recruited a prominent investor and board member of Google as an advisor to a Silicon Valley startup he was heading.

Sunny was the point man to institute the 'Max Sixer' award in IPL (Indian Premier League for Cricket). Sunny served as a Charter Member of TiE and member of the Indian Angel Network. Sunny was awarded an MBA from the University of Chicago, holds an MS Computer Science from the University of Nebraska, and a B.Tech from the National Institute of Technology (India).